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Medicine has been actively fighting against erectile dysfunction since 1998, and the basic methods and principles of treatment have become completely different. While the actual treatment of erectile dysfunction until 1998 - were surgery, vacuum pumps and other expensive (but not always effective) means, thanks to a breakthrough in medicine, men got a second chance to feel healthy.

Cialis is practically the same as viagra, but slower. However, its delayed action is a virtue, not a disadvantage. Thanks to him, the drug can be released in a more concentrated form. Because it resolves more slowly, the total time of its action is several times longer than that of viagra — at the same (and even slightly greater) intensity. The duration of one tablet-about a day.

Miss Me-female modification "Cialis", slightly different from male.

About 30 years ago on the pharmaceutical market came the first drug to increase the potency of men, it was Viagra. Pfizer spent a lot of money on the development of the drug and its introduction into the "masses", so the original viagra tablets are still the most expensive among other representatives of this group of drugs. Around the early 2000s, the first analogs of Viagra were released – the drug Cialis, Levitra. Their price was lower but remained quite high. Scientists have solved this problem – the light appeared analogs Of Cialis and Levitra, which are called generic.

The description of the drug

The main active ingredient - Tadalafil provides potency for 36 hours. Is the maximum possible rate duration to support.

Buy Original drug Cialis-buy American quality at an affordable price. Available in the form of coated tablets. Natural mechanisms of erection arise due to the influx of powerful blood flow to the penis. The drug is not inferior to the effectiveness of popular viagra. The effect of taking the drug you can feel in 16 minutes, and the duration of a record 36 hours. Now do not be afraid to miss the long-awaited moment of a sexual encounter.

  • Tadalafil is intended to solve the difficulties associated with erectile dysfunction;
  • The absolute leader in the duration of action among drugs to increase potency;
  • Excellent tolerance to the male body;
  • The onset of an erection is possible only when excited;
  • Not addictive.

What to choose: Cialis generic or original?

Now many argue on the topic of what is better generic Cialis or original. Some people call generics counterfeit. But this opinion is wrong because they are almost no inferior to the original drugs.

Sometimes it happens that doctors prescribe expensive original products, and then strongly recommend buying them. Therefore, it is necessary to know what the original Cialis looks like, but at the same time to understand why doctors advise buying them? As practice shows, specialists, recommending the original drugs, seeking not personal gain but trying to help patients.

Special instruction

Do not use Cialis Eli Lilly in conjunction with other drugs for the treatment of ED. The drug has a vasodilating effect, for this reason, blood pressure may decrease.

Side effect

  • headache development
  • dyspepsia
  • redness of the face
  • myalgia
  • pain in the eyes

Generic or Brand Cialis: choose the right drug Cialis is a common analogue of Viagra, which became known to men in the early 2000s and is now popular with those who want to lead a rich sexual life without restrictions.

Cialis: no good deed goes unpunished

Safer to the dominance of generics are manufacturers Brand Cialis. You would behave in the same way, especially if your drug in the tenth year of its existence won, finally, a leading position among their own kind. What makes Cialis so successful. A distinctive feature of the drug is a long half-life: clinically significant effect of tadalafil persists up to 24-36 hours. Based on this, pharmacologists have developed two tactics of taking Cialis: as a "weekend drug" and daily therapy with small doses. The first option – everything is clear: take a pill on Friday night and have sex almost all weekend long.

The second tactic seems much more advanced. The advantages of daily intake of phosphodiesterase-5 inhibitors is getting rid of the dependence between drug intake and sexual activity – the so-called sexual spontaneity, as well as minimizing unwanted side effects in men with poor tolerance of high ifde–5. The long half-life of the drug creates ideal conditions for achieving and maintaining the necessary concentration of the active substance in the blood with regular daily intake. Such variability in the reception of Brand Cialis is its undeniable advantage in the fight against competitors. As stated in the concern Eli Lilly, the question of creating a chewable or rapidly soluble form of the drug at the moment is not worth it: Cialis ahead of Viagra in sales in 2012. And numerous cialis do not pose a threat to oust it from the market today. Well, this success can only envy.

Why the cialis brand may not work?

There are several options here:

You bought a fake. Analog and original means are almost identical in composition, but some unscrupulous online pharmacies sell fakes for original drugs that do not bring any effect.

The drug is not suitable for you because of the individual characteristics of the body. In this case, it makes sense to try another tablets, which will recommend you to the attending specialist after a full medical examination. You picked up the wrong dosage of pills. Indian manufacturers produce drugs in a dosage of 5 to 20 mg. Most men enough dosage of 5 mg, but in severe violations of erectile dysfunction often have to use the maximum possible daily dose-20 mg.

You have used the drug with a lot of alcohol or with fatty dishes. With the simultaneous use of spirits, Brand Cialis can not only cause side effects but also lose its healing power.

Reviews of doctors

Urologists and andrologists speak positively about "Cialis", because the drug acts gently and effectively. It can be used to correct erectile dysfunction in older men, as well as in persons with mild cardiovascular diseases. Effective "Cialis" and for the treatment of psychogenic erectile disorders.

Most doctors prescribe their patients a safe dosage of 5 mg, which can be combined with other drugs and used in the treatment of benign prostatic hyperplasia, chronic prostatitis.

How to buy Cialis brand?

The Cialis brand is a drug that helps restore a good erection to millions of people around the world. Every man can buy in almost any pharmacy. But the price of the Cialis brand in ordinary pharmacies is sometimes too high and so you can buy original Cialis (20mg) online - to save money.

You can be sure that you will get a cheap Cialis that has passed quality certification and received FDA approval. You should know that it is much easier to order Cialis brand online than in a regular pharmacy because you do not have to waste time visiting a doctor and getting a prescription. While at work, you can buy Brand Cialis without a prescription in just 3-4 minutes. You will be delivered the Cialis directly to your workplace with the best courier services and very quickly, so you can start a course of treatment for erectile dysfunction soon after receiving the drug.

How to visually distinguish a fake Cialis

To distinguish a fake Cialis from the original is quite simple. Every man can do it on his own. If you want to order brand Cialis, and how to distinguish a fake is not clear, pay attention to the following points:

  • Real pills are sold in a package similar to pharmacy packs of pills.
  • The package must contain instructions for use.
  • Pills must be in a plastic convolute without apparent mechanical damage.
  • Each tablet is marked with numbers on the capsule.
  • Color tablets Cialis light or deep yellow.

In case of acquisition of a fake or in case of doubt about the authenticity of the generic, it is better not to use the drug, because it often leads to negative consequences for men's health.

The effect of active components occurs only in the case of natural excitation. In the case where the excitement is constant and uncontrollable, we can confidently talk about a fake.

Generic Cialis is capable of acting within 24-36 hours. If the effect of the drug is short-term, most likely, the tablets are unnatural.

The drug does not affect health and General well-being. Severe headaches, a complete lack of erection and dizziness are signs that you are hooked by scammers.

For your safety, we sell only certified products, drugs have passed multi-level checks and meet all standards.

Appearance of Cialis

Different types of Cialis may differ in the outer shell, but not on the principle of action. The Brand Cialis has the form of an oblong yellow capsule, narrowed to the base. Definitely embossed on the capsule drug name. Generics in the form of a tablet shell can vary, but most often the capsules have a yellow shell and an oblong shape.

Hurry to purchase

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The conclusion of the article

Some people argue that the difference between Cialis is not particularly significant. However, sometimes drugs have strong differences. We are talking about the degree of purification of the components of the drug and the amount of the main active ingredient. Sometimes people prefer to buy the original because they like its form of release. It is better not to take the first available tool and pre-acquainted with its composition. And it is also worth paying attention to how much of the active substance is in the our "super-pills". Sometimes the values in comparison with the analog can vary greatly.

In General, generics are considered to be excellent and affordable for everyone drugs that are worth buying in trusted online stores. In this case, the buyer is sure to meet their expectations and get the effect that he had long dreamed of. Cialis is also useful for prostatitis and prostate adenoma.

It is much more comfortable to buy Cialis in our online pharmacy and soon get the required medical product. We offer a wide range of brands and generics aimed at increasing potency for all consumer groups. Our drugs significantly increase the duration of sexual intercourse and enhance the brightness of sensations from sex. You can choose the tool that is right for you in the appropriate section of the site. Don't delay purchase brand Cialis sell very actively!

How to buy cialis brand?

The brand Cialis is a drug that helps restore a good erection to millions of people around the world. Every man can order the Cialis in almost any pharmacy. But the price of the Cialis brand in regular pharmacies is sometimes too high, and so you can buy to save money.

Online sales of Cialis brand are carried out 24/7. Therefore, you can visit the online pharmacy's website and purchase the Cialis brand online (Visa, MC, Amex, Bitcoin). Cialis is only available online. The cost of original Cialis in an online pharmacy is much lower because the drug is delivered without intermediaries, directly from the manufacturer. You can be sure that you will get a cheap Cialis brand that has passed quality certification and received FDA approval.

You will get the cialis brand without a prescription directly to your workplace using the best courier services and very quickly, so you can start a course of treatment for erectile dysfunction soon after receiving the drug.

The use of the drug Cialis (Brand) in men who have impaired renal and liver function.

Patients who have impaired liver and kidney function (Kleenex creatine 30 ml/min) specific dosage selection is not necessary.

We sell tadalafil the price of the drug is described in the table, depending on the number of tablets vary and the cost of the drug.

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