Erectile Dysfunction Statistics

Reviewed for medical accuracy by Dr. Alan Carter, PharmD

Impotence and male age

Men are afraid of impotence, because of the loss of women's interest in them. This usually occurs in the elderly. Today, medicine is difficult to say how old men become impotent. This is due to increased pathology in young boys.

Men's health depends on many factors. Compared with the wrong way of life, age is still considered the primary problem of impotence.

The influence of age threshold for impotence

When does the stronger sex become impotent? Medical studies of sexual dysfunction, show that impotence in the stronger sex can begin at the age of 22 years, and by 55 years-the figure increases. Almost every fourth man complains about a not high-quality erection. For the duration of male power, mainly responsible genetics.

Statistical data on the impotence of men depending on age

Such a disease as impotence is constantly investigated by doctors around the world.

Statistics who

The world health organization provides the following data on this disease in men:

  • of the 10 men aged 21 to 60 years 1 is necessarily impotent;
  • after the age of 60, this figure rises to 3 out of 10 men.

However, there is a small caveat, in men after 21 impotence can manifest itself in the form of violations of any of these stages of sexual intercourse, while men after 60 completely deprived of the ability to enter into intimate relationships. That is, at the age of 60 years, many more men have difficulties with potency, they are simply not included in the statistics.

Studies show that about one-third of men aged 40 to 40 years are subject to partial or complete impotence and inability to erect.

Statistics USA

And some statistics. The same world health organization reports that only 20% of all men who have problems in intimate life seek qualified help, the rest are engaged in treatment on their own, or do nothing at all because they believe that these age-related changes are irreversible.

There are statistics on research conducted in the United States, it was conducted before and therefore can be considered a priority. So the results are the following data: out of 100 men aged 40 to 70 years, 50 have problems with erection. That is, the result is 1.5 times higher than the above studies.

These 52 people were found to have abnormalities of varying severity:

  • have 17 minor violations;
  • 25 violations of moderate severity;
  • and only 10 had a complete erection disorder.

Statistics Germany

For completeness, let's look at another statistic.

The studies were conducted in Cologne, where they expanded the age range of the men studied from 20 years to 80.

The data is that the younger the patients, the less erectile dysfunction occurs. For example, in men aged 30-35 years, any violations were manifested only by 5%. But by the age of 80, violations were revealed in more than 50% of the subjects.

Such studies were carried out in many countries, using different techniques and were often very different.